These are life hacks for lazy girls by User:HGartist,p.s no one get mad ok I'm a lazy girl too!

The hacks!

Ok let's get this list started!


Like this!


Use a buisness card to get your mascara on your lashes,and not on your eyelids! 


If you are just too lazy to fix your hair in the morning,do a simple messy bun or gather it in a beanie cos no one's got time for that!


To curl and line at the same time, put some kohl pencil on your eyelashes curler and curl em to get line and curl at the same time! I love this one.

This is awesome


Want perfect polka dots on your polish?Cut of the dotted bit on a plaster and place it on your nail (coat your nail with a base color first), then put on some nail polish of a different color on the plaster piece to get perfect polka dots!


What graidient nails?Put some nail polish on a small sponge cube in the levels (you can be colorful or grab different shades of a color) and smudge it on!Lookin good!

Don't worry about hacks!I will place more hacks around!

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